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Serving Ottawa's best breakfast and lunch in a family setting since 1974.
About Us
John's Family Diner was established in 1974 by John Hatoum and his family with the goal of creating a comfortable environment where people could enjoy good home cooked meals at reasonable prices.

Over the years John's haw always tried to adapt to the needs customers by adjusting menus and always trying to make the restaurant a pleasant place for customers to spend part of their day. While some things have been taken away and some things added our goal of ensuring our customers enjoy their visit will always remain the same.

John's has been a fixture on Wellington St in Ottawa since 1974 with its original location being a few blocks east of the existing location at Wellington St and Granville.

Although John retired in 2011, the restaurant is in the hands of John's two capable son's Tony and Peter, both who have been working actively in the restaurant for years. Tony and Peter are both planning on continuing the legacy started by their father and serving their friends, customers and community for many years to come.

John's has been a fixture on Wellington St in Ottawa since 1974 with its original location being a few blocks east of the existing location at Wellington St and Granville

2 Egg Special 11.50
Two eggs, bacon, ham or sausage, Texas toast, home fries & beans. Coffee included
1 Egg Special 10.99
One egg, bacon, ham or sausage, Texas toast, home fries & beans. Coffee included
Homemade Sausage Patty 13.99
Two eggs, patty, home fries & beans. Coffee Included
Combo 15.99
Two eggs, Three strips of bacon, three sausages and one slice of ham, Texas toast, home fries & beans. Coffee included
Peameal Bacon 15.99
Two eggs, slices of peameal bacon, Texas toast, home fries & beans. Coffee included
Breakfast Club 15.99
Fried egg with cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce & mayo, served with home fries & beans.
Gigantic 19.99
Three eggs, three strips of bacon, three sausages, one slice of ham & two pancakes, Texas toast, home fries & beans. Coffee included
French Toast 12.99
Three slices of cinnamon-sweet Texas toast. Coffee included
Pancakes 12.99
Three piping-hot griddle cakes. Coffee included
Oatmeal + Toast 9.99
Homemade with 2% milk and served with brown sugar
*Add chocolate chips OR blueberries + 2.00

*All omelettes served with toast, home fries, beans & coffee*

Spinach & Mushroom 15.99
Sautéed fresh spinach and mushrooms
Bacon, Mushroom & Cheese 15.99
Chopped maple-smoked bacon, fresh mushrooms & Canadian cheddar
Smoked Meat & Swiss Cheese 15.99
Montreal smoked meat & swiss cheese folded in the omelette
Three-Cheese Omelette 14.99
Medium cheddar, Mozzarella and Swiss cheese
Spinach & Feta Cheese Omelette 15.99
Sautéed fresh spinach and Feta cheese
Ham, Mushroom & Swiss Cheese Omelette 15.99
Diced ham, fresh mushrooms, and Swiss cheese
Vegetarian 14.99
Fresh blend of mushrooms, green peppers, onions & tomatoes
Western 14.99
"The Classic", diced ham and onions
Mushroom 14.99
Loaded with fresh mushrooms
Cheese 14.99
Canadian medium cheddar
Bacon 14.99
Chopped maple smoked bacon

*** Classic BLT 5.99
The classic bacon, lettuce & tomato
BLT & Egg & Cheese 7.99
The classic BLT with a fried egg & cheese
Ham & Egg 5.99
Lean ham & two eggs on Texas toast
Fried Egg 4.99
Two eggs on Texas toast
Bacon & Egg 5.99
Strips of bacon and two eggs on Texas toast
***Western 5.99 / + cheese .99
Diced ham, onions, & two eggs on Texas toast
Peameal Bacon & Tomato 8.99
tasty peameal bacon, lettuce & tomato
*add egg & cheese + 2.00
Sausage Patty with Egg & Cheese 8.99
homemade sausage patty , cheddar cheese , grilled egg on english muffin
Sesame Bagel & Cream Cheese 3.99
White or brown toast 1.99
rye toast 2.50
Home fries 3.99
Beans 2.99
Sesame Bagel 2.99
Tomato Slices .99
Cheddar cheese slice .99
Bacon, ham or sausage 2.99
Peameal bacon 4.99
Fried onions .50
Mayo .50


Chicken Shawarma Wrap 11.99
Marinated chunks of chicken, lettuce, tomato & tahini sauce rolled in a pita.
Chicken Shawarma Platter 16.99
Marinated chunks of chicken, lettuce, tomato & tahini sauce rolled in a pita. Choice of fries or salad or both.


*Dressed with our homemade Lebanese salad dressing or choose from French, Thousand Island, Creamy Garlic or Ranch*

John's Salad 7.99 / 8.99
A spectacular combination of choice garden fresh vegetables & our homemade dressing
Julienne 9.99 / 11.99
A garden salad with slices of ham, turkey, $ cheese
Greek 9.99 /11.99
Garden greens, feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, & onions
Caesar 9.99 / 11.99
Romaine lettuce, bacon, croutons, & parmesan cheese
Tuna 9.99 / 11.99
Garden greens, tomatoes & flaked tuna
Grilled Chicken Breast Salad 14.99 / 15.99
Garden salad with a 6-oz BBQ chicken breast
Grilled Chicken Breast Greek Salad 15.99 / 16.99
Served with a 6-oz grilled chicken breast
*All club platters served with fresh-cut french fries or garden salad, and coleslaw*

***Classic Club 16.99
Loaded white turkey, maple smoked bacon, juicy tomatoes & crispy lettuce
Johny Club 16.99
Thinly shaved roast beef, cheddar cheese, juicy tomatoes & crispy lettuce
Smoked Meat Club 16.99
Stacked lean smoked meat, cheddar cheese, juicy tomatoes & crispy lettuce
Chicken Salad Club 15.99
Diced turkey, celery, mayo, topped with cheddar, juicy tomatoes & crispy lettuce
Breakfast Club 15.99
Maple-smoked bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese, juicy tomatoes & crispy lettuce
Egg Salad Club 15.99
Chopped egg & mayo with cheddar cheese, juicy tomatoes & crispy lettuce
Tuna Salad Club 15.99
Flaked tuna with celery, mayo, cheddar cheese, juicy tomatoes & crispy lettuce
California Club 16.99
Sliced ham, turkey, cheddar cheese, lettuce & tomato
*Platters served with fresh-cut french fries or garden salad and coleslaw*

Hamburger 8.99 / 13.99
5-oz juicy all-beef burger on a sesame-seed bun
Cheeseburger 9.99 / 14.99
All-beef burger with cheddar cheese
Bacon cheeseburger 10.99 / 15.99
Go all out! All-beef burger topped with smoked bacon & cheddar cheese
Grilled Chicken Burger 10.99 / 15.99
Boneless chicken breast BBQ wit lettuce, tomato, mayo on a sesame-seed bun
*Add cheese and bacon 2.99
Jumo Dog 5.99 / 11.99
BBQ all-beef hotdog on a toasted bun
*add cheese
***Swiss Cheese Mushroom Burger 10.99 / 15.99
Melted Swiss cheese & grilled mushrooms to top this all-beef burger
Big Boy 10.99 / 15.99
Starts out as a regular burger but adds cheddar cheese, maple bacon & a fried egg

Poutine 1.99
Onion Rings 1.99
* All sandwiches served on either white, whole wheat or rye* bread

Bacon & Egg 5.99
*** BLT 5.99
Bacon, Egg & Cheddar 6.99
BLT with egg & cheese 7.99
Bacon & Cheddar 5.99
Ham & Egg 5.99
Ham, Egg & Cheddar 6.99
*** Western 5.99
Western & Cheddar 6.99
Fried Egg 4.99
Fried Egg & Cheddar 5.99
Grilled Cheese 5.99
Grilled Bacon & Cheese 6.99
*** Roast Beef 7.99
Shaved, lean home-cooked top sirloin roast, a quality roast we are proud to offer you made in-house
Smoked Meat 7.99
Grilled smoked meat on dark rye
Chicken 7.99
Real white chicken breast
Chicken Salad 6.99
Chopped Chicken with celery & mayo
Tuna Salad 6.99
Flaked tuna with celery & mayo
Egg Salad 6.99
Chopped egg & mayo

Fries 4.99
Rings 6.99
Poutine 8.99
Kid's Special
One egg, two strips of bacon, ham, or sausage. One slice of toast, home fries & small juice.
Kid's Cakes 8.99
Two piping-hot griddle cakes with small juice
Kid's French Toast 8.99
Two slices of cinnamon-sweet Texas toast and small juice
Bagel 3.99
Cream cheese or cheese or jam or peanut butter

Hotdog with Fries 9.99
Grilled Cheese with Fries 8.99
Chicken Fingers with Fries 11.99
Poutine 6.99
Coffee & Tea 1.99
Herbal Tea 2.50
Hot chocolate 2.50
White or Chocolate Milk 2.99
Juices 2.99
Soft Drinks 1.99
Milkshakes (24 oz) 7.99
Chocolate , Strawberry, or Vanilla

Microbrew Beer Bottle 7.99

Apple Crumble with Ice Cream 6.99
Ice Cream Sundae 4.99
Monday 6AM-2PM
Tuesday 6AM-2PM
Wednesday 6AM-2PM
Thursday 6AM-2PM
Friday 6AM-2PM
Saturday CLOSED

1365 Wellington St. W, Ottawa, ON
K1Y 3C2, Canada

Just east of Island Park drive at 1365 Wellington St. There is lots of free parking available on both sides of Wellington St.

A charming, unpretentious neighbourhood restaurant.
Ron Eade - Ottawa Citizen
An Ottawa institution! Great food aside, I always walk out with a smile.
Rob Charlebois - Patron
Recommended by a friend for a go to breakfast stop during my first visit to Ottawa. Now I look forward to their warm welcome and delicious food!
April Long- Patron
1365 Wellington St
Ottawa, Ontario
Phone #
(613) 761-1010
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